Over the weekend of 29-30 Aug 09 Chaplain John Murdoch ministered at the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church Modesto, CA and the Crossroads Baptist Church of Tracy, CA. On Monday 31 August 09 Chaplain Murdoch and Pastor Tim Heinrich met with Chief Chris Bosch and discussed the development of a chaplaincy program for the City of Tracy Fire Department. This was a very successful meeting. Pastor Heinrich has been asked to participate as their first chaplain. Pastor Heinrich has been endorsed by the Chaplaincy Commission of the GARBC for this ministry and we anticipate an exciting ministry upon the inception of this program. Chaplain Murdoch is available to help other departments establish chaplaincy programs should any of our pastors requests his assistance.

fdPhoto (at left) is of Pastor Tim Heinrich, Chief Chris Bosch, and Chaplain John Murdoch in front of the Tracy Fire Department Administration Building.