Ministering in the Worst of Circumstances

The Ministry of a Hospital Chaplain

Giving Tuesday

Greg Landers Endorsed as Civil Air Patrol Chaplain

Chaplain John Murdoch Named Chief of Chaplain Corps

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  • Ministering in the Worst of Circumstances

    Ministering in the Worst of Circumstances

    During the past couple of weeks, some of our chaplains who serve in the National Guard and Reserves have been activated to minister to soldiers and airmen as they assist state and federal ...more

  • Chaplaincy: Giving Tuesday

    Chaplaincy: Giving Tuesday

    Chaplains can be found anywhere—ministering to soldiers in a foxhole, accompanying police in a squad car, or visiting patients in a hospital. Chaplains intersect with people at their greatest point of need. Many chaplains are pastors seeking to reach people at desperate moments who might not be open otherwise to the gospel and to the church. Ultimately, chaplains ...more

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  • The Role of a Trauma Chaplain

    The Role of a Trauma Chaplain

    At Orlando Regional Medical Center, patients and their families would be blessed to meet Chaplain Robert Leavitt. As a trauma chaplain, he attempts to bring ...more



  • A Man and His Country

    A Man and His Country

    A Man and His Country. This men's Bible study will help develop a patriotic grid that enables you to differentiate good practices from those that might diminish your testimony for ...more

  • Memorial Day Service Resources

    Memorial Day, a great time to reach out to your community and honor local heroes, is May 30. Here are great resources for planning a special patriotic service or event. 1. Tract: “A Soldier’s Journey of Faith,” The story of Major General David H. Hicks, the current Army Chief of Chaplains. Produced by Good News Publishers, 1300 Crescent St., Wheaton, IL ...more