KokomoIN_inlineThe senior saints ministry of Bible Baptist Church, Kokomo, Ind., hosted its 16th Annual Law Appreciation Day. Members of the PrimeTimers, as the seniors ministry calls itself, sent out letters of invitation a month in advance to local police and sheriff departments, the state police, and the probation and judicial system of the city of Kokomo and Howard County.

On Aug. 21 guests stopped in at their convenience—before, during, and after their shifts—to enjoy a hot lunch or supper (or both) or to simply pick up to-go boxes. On their way out they were given literature and candy as another reminder of the church’s appreciation for all they do to keep the community safe.

The guests were greeted at the door and asked to sign in, giving only their names and departments (so the PrimeTimers would know how many people were served and which departments were represented). This year the PrimeTimers served 115 meals. Members of all three police departments, along with Chief Rob Baker of the Kokomo Police Department and Sheriff Steve Rogers of the Howard County Sheriff’s Department, attended. Chaplain John Murdoch, director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Ministries, also participated. He is a 23-year veteran of the Indiana State Police Chaplaincy Program assigned to the Peru Post #16.

Both the Circuit Court and Superior Court were also represented. When the ladies serving the food thanked Circuit Court Judge Lynn Murray for her service, she replied, “I wouldn’t miss it.”

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day began in 1998 when the PrimeTimers discussed how they could impact their community. They decided to show the legal system that they are appreciated and prayed for. Over the years the officers have come to feel at home on this day of appreciation. Some of them bring their families and enjoy a safe environment to fellowship with the friendly folks who care about them.

One officer said, “Thank you for doing this. We look forward to it every year.” Another said, “We really appreciate this. It isn’t often that we get a friendly place to eat.” And as one officer left, he said, “Thank you for doing this! We really appreciate it. We don’t get this that often and we don’t take it for granted.”

The PrimeTimers feel the blessing is mostly their own, as they express their gratitude and God’s love to these civil servants who help keep the community safe.