VeteransDay 2014 2_inlineAs a nation today, we remember the men and women who through the years have defended our liberties and provided our freedom. We meet them every day. They live, work, and worship with us as we go about our weekly routines. Some of them blend in and we don’t realize we are in the presence of national heroes. Others wear hats or jackets that point to their service. Those currently serving may wear uniforms. Those who have retired or stepped aside after several years of service are more difficult to identify, but if we ask, they will proudly mention their service. All of them hold our freedom on their shoulders.

I was recently ministering in a church where a number of people in the congregation shared their families’ military history. The entire family of one dear lady—her husband and all six of their sons—had served. A gentleman shared he had been wounded in WWII while with the Marine Corps on the island of Iwo Jima. I was honored to be in his presence.

Our churches are privileged to have veterans in our pews and pulpits, and for this our fellowship is stronger and unashamedly patriotic.

I pray this Veterans Day will be more than an opportunity to enjoy your families, though I trust you have a wonderful time, but that it will also be a time of teaching and reminding our families of God’s faithfulness to our nation.

To the men and women who are serving and have served in our military, we say, Thank you for your service and our freedom!