Chaplains_inlineNearly a month into being the new director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Ministry, I am already seeing firsthand the incredible and important ministry our chaplains are carrying out.

My wife, Jennifer, and I had the privilege of meeting many of our chaplains and their families at the GARBC Conference in June, and friendships were immediately struck. Along with forging friendships comes an incredible sense of obligation to ensure that our chaplains are supported, cared for, and prayed for. Theirs is not a traditional form of pastoral ministry; however, much of their ministry includes pastoral care and counseling. Many of the relationships they build tend to be short-term, and their interactions role-driven.

Church is not limited to traditional settings; rather, our chaplains minister in the field—whether on base, deployed at a forward operating location, mentoring young people, riding along in a patrol car, at a fire station, or in a hospital. They are representing Christ in unique settings, often ministering in very trying circumstances. Truly, for such a time as this, the need for the gospel has never been greater. And the challenges our chaplains face as they bear testimony to Christ to those whom they serve will only be greater.

Pray for our chaplains and their families and support the Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Ministry. The impact is local . . . on a global scale!