johnsons-prayerOn behalf of the GARBC, we want to thank all of our Veterans and current Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard members of every Branch of our military, for your service to our great country. Today in ceremonies all over America, people are taking time to stop and reflect on what you have purchased for us: Freedom. You have stood in the gap and have sacrificed time, energy, blood, and some have given their lives so we could be free. Your fulfillment of assignments, whether OCONUS or CONUS, is deeply appreciated, and we honor you today. May God bless you and may you enjoy these days with your family as you remember the days of deployment that took you to distant shores. You are a vital part of our Nation and its history, our Fellowship of churches, and our communities. Live your lives for God’s glory so that others will be in awe of Him and not only honor your service but want to know your God (2 Cor. 5:9, 1 Peter 2:12). THANK YOU, VETERANS!!

Chaplain, Colonel & Mrs. John B. Murdoch, CAP

Director of Chaplaincy Ministries

General Association of Regular Baptist Churches.