In his speech at Arlington National Cemetery on May 26, 2003, President George W. Bush said,

“On Memorial Day, Americans place flags on military graves, walk past a wall of black granite in Washington, D.C., and many families think of a face and voice they miss so much. Today, we honor the men and women who have worn the nation’s uniform and were last seen on duty. From the battles of Iraq and Afghanistan, to the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, to the trials of World War, to the struggles that made us a nation, today we recall that liberty is always the achievement of courage.

“And today we remember all who have died, all who are still missing and all who mourn. And on this day, especially, our nation is grateful to the brave and fallen defenders of freedom. In every generation of Americans we have found courage equal to the tasks of our country. The farms and small towns and city streets of this land have always produced free citizens who assume the discipline and duty of military life. And time after time, they have proven that the moral force of democracy is mightier than the will and cunning of any tyrant. . . .

“Americans like these did not fight for glory, but to fulfill a duty. They did not yearn to be heroes, they yearned to see mom and dad again and to hold their sweethearts and to watch their sons and daughters grow. They wanted the daily miracle of freedom in America, yet they gave all that up and gave life itself for the sake of others.

“Their sacrifice was great, but not in vain. All Americans and every free nation on earth can trace their liberty to the white markers of places like Arlington National Cemetery. And may God keep us ever grateful.”

The churches and chaplains of the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches do remember, with gratitude and deep respect, those who have made that ultimate sacrifice. Within our fellowship and in our surrounding communities are families who shoulder this sacrifice and cherish the memories of loved ones who gave their all so that we might enjoy our liberty. It is our prayer that those who mourn will know God’s comfort. May we keep their legacy alive as we defend the freedoms they preserved for us.