BURBANK, Wash.—Regular Baptist Chaplaincy has endorsed Greg Landers, pastor of First Baptist Church, as a chaplain with the Civil Air Patrol. “If I were to summarize in one word why I joined the Regular Baptist Chaplaincy, it would be service,” he says. “When God called me to full-time ministry as a pastor 20 years ago, I quickly saw the opportunities to exemplify servant leadership.”

After investing time in people and seeing God change their lives, Landers began praying about becoming a chaplain. “I have found that chaplains were in a unique place to come alongside and to directly minister to the needs of those who were experiencing many of life’s hardships, whether it be hospital visitation, suicide intervention, or counseling individuals in trauma situations.” He points out that “spiritual receptivity is often seen in times of crises, and a chaplain is often that instrument of grace that God uses to draw others to Himself.”

When asked why he chose Regular Baptist Chaplaincy as his endorsing agency, he explains, “I have been blessed to not only be part of GARBC churches throughout my ministry, but I have watched [the GARBC’s] doctrinal and theological vigilance over the years. Their love and adherence to the Word of God remains a testimony that I desire to continue to align myself with. Their passion to impact lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to see spiritual growth with those within the household of faith continues to encourage and impress me, especially in a culture of compromise.”

Now as a chaplain, Landers is excited to be part of “a praying and encouraging support group of like-minded servant leaders who seek the priority of making Jesus Christ known to all they come in contact with as they reach out with God’s love in times of both crises and calm.”

That “unique team of servant leaders,” he continues, “are not only there for one another but are available for God to use in a variety of ministry platforms, whether they be to our military men and women, auxiliary programs such as Civil Air Patrol, or emergency response teams.”