ChapWorrell_inlineFORT JACKSON, S.C.—At the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Center of Fort Jackson, each chaplain has the opportunity to preach in chapel services, which take place three times a week. The opportunity comes as the culmination of the Army Chaplain Captain Career Course curriculum, containing a large portion of instruction on preaching.

Chaplain Mark Worrell, preaching a portion of a series called “Character Counts,” exposited Daniel 6, challenging his classmates and instructors to “choose wisely who they obey, then trust in God for the results.” He focused on the fact that Daniel, knowing that King Darius had signed an injunction saying that only he could be petitioned for 30 days, deliberately chose to maintain his pattern of praying three times a day—with the windows open toward Jerusalem—facing the probability that those who were seeking his demise would immediately seek his punishment.

The ethics instructor at the U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School says Daniel is a shining example of how believers are to respond in the midst of the current situation in our country and our world. Worrell and his class graduate in June, after which Worrell will be assigned to Joint Base Myer–Henderson Hall in Virginia as the chaplaincy resource manager.