Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Director Manning Brown and his wife, Jennifer, had the opportunity to visit Ch. (MAJ) Mark and Shelly Worrell and their daughter, Scharleen. Worrell is stationed at Wheeler Army Airfield, located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

The Browns were greeted at the airport with smiles and leis and temperatures in the 80s. One highlight of the trip was attending a chapel service on Haleiwa Beach, on the north side of the island. With the ocean in the background and mountains in the foreground, the setting could not have been more beautiful.

Prior to the service, fellow chaplains and laity prayed over Worrell, and a potluck brunch followed the service. Later in the week Brown met with Worrell’s command leadership and fellow chaplains who also serve in the 25th Infantry Division.

“It is important that during my visit with our chaplains that I meet with their leadership,” Brown says. “It gives me the opportunity to find out more about how our chaplains are contributing to the mission, as well to discuss with them the endorsement process and find out what they are looking for in future chaplains. It is always time well spent.”

Military chaplains in particular play an important role in unit readiness and are considered a force multiplier, ensuring that military members and their families are ready for the demands of military life.