world1One hundred fifty messengers representing 22 partnering associations from 10 countries recently converged in Bangkok, Thailand, for the first biennial conference of the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries. Building on the Biblical concept that “two are better than one” (Ecclesiastes 4:9–12), each speaker and workshop leader endeavored to transform the passive theory of partnering into an active strategy.

Workshop sessions produced interaction as the groups wrestled with ministry issues that have common denominators across cultural lines. One of those workshops presented the ministry of chaplaincy as a means of outreach. Eyes were opened as attendees realized the overlap of challenges regardless of the geographical setting.

Ch John Murdoch, director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Ministries, discussed military and community service chaplaincy. Pastor Jim Garcinesworld2 presented his work as a Regular Baptist hospital chaplain in California and the opportunities it has afforded him. Rev. Ephraim Segovia shared his ministry with the Philippine National Police. Discussion focused on creative ways to implement chaplaincy within the various government structures represented by the IPFBM family.

Please pray for our international brothers as they explore the possibilities of touching lives through the ministry of chaplaincy.