FBFA1_inlineThe Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association met for its annual conference in July at the Double Tree Hotel in Syracuse, N.Y., and John Murdoch, director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Ministries, had the pleasure of attending.

Central Baptist Church of Syracuse hosted the conference. It’s pastor, Milton E. Kornegay, is president of the FBFA. In his welcome letter he said, “The Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association has a rich heritage and is known for its strong stand on the authority, the inspiration, the inerrancy, and the infallibility of the Scriptures in their original form.

“The theme of this year’s conference, ‘Testing the Spirits,’ will do justice to the rich heritage and strong doctrinal stand of the FBFA by presenting to you sermons and Bible teaching centered around that theme. Each sermon and the Bible teaching shared in each workshop will emphasize the importance of right interpretation of God’s Word as well as acknowledging that the Bible is the believer’s final authority for life and practice.”

The week consisted of wonderful fellowship, strong Biblical preaching on 1 John 4:1–3, good music, and times of physical and spiritual refreshment.

Dr. Jim Jeffery, president of BBC&S, helped set the tone of the week with his message on Sunday morning. He was followed by Victor Clay, pastor of Dynamic Life Baptist Ministries, Kansas City, Kansas. Clay is also the FBFA’s interim director and secretary. Speakers throughout the week also included Pastor Milton Kornegay; Dr. Erskine Dodson, vice president of the FBFA and pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Indianapolis; and fellow pastors of the FBFA. Their messages further developed a week of powerful praise to and worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

FBFA pastors who are interested in a chaplaincy ministry have been invited to apply for endorsement with the GARBC. Chaplain Murdoch says, “It was a joy to visit with several of them about the possibility of their joining with the Regular Baptist Chaplaincy family.” One FBFA pastor is currently in Clinical Pastoral Education training for hospital chaplaincy under Regular Baptist endorsement.

Children and youth meetings were held concurrently. A highlight of the youth meetings was an overnight visit at Baptist Bible College and Seminary in Clarks Summit, Pa. The young people stayed in the dorms, visited with other high school and college-age young people, and enjoyed the campus’s new recreation center.

Another highlight of the conference was the variety of vendors representing ministries that stand ready to assist the churches and the fellowship.

“It was a privilege to be in attendance,” Murdoch says. “The conference lived up to everything Pastor Kornegay expected it to, for which I am grateful. Lord willing, I will be in attendance next year and encourage you to consider attending as well.”

Next year’s conference, “The Road of Discipleship,” will be held in Kansas City, Mo., July 11–17.