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Hospice Chaplain Endures ‘Major Upheavals’ in Ministry

By August 6, 2020No Comments

Brandon Crawford (middle, back row) and fellow staff at Oaklawn Hospice receive the Premier Performer Family Satisfaction Award.

MARSHALL, Mich.—Brandon Crawford is a hospice chaplain endorsed by Regular Baptist Chaplaincy. He is a part-time employee of Oaklawn Hospice and the pastor of Grace Baptist Church, both in Marshall, Michigan. He says “his ministry to hospice patients and their families went through major upheavals” the past few months. He shares the following ministry update.

“Nursing home lockdowns forced me to limit my spiritual care to phone conversations, except in cases where the patient’s death was imminent. When I did enter a nursing home, I had to be temperature checked and covered in PPE.

“Families of the dying were extremely grateful for my presence on those few occasions when I did need to enter a nursing home. In one case the wife of the deceased asked me to perform the graveside service, which gave me an additional opportunity to share the gospel.

“As my state has begun reopening, ministry has slowly begun returning to normal. I am back in people’s homes, enjoying face-to-face visits once again. As often as possible, I also invite patients and their families to connect with me online and through my church. Some have become Facebook followers of my church, and others have expressed interest in attending. I see this as a way to continue ministering to families in the community after their loved ones have passed away.”

The staff of Oaklawn Hospice recently received the Premier Performer Family Satisfaction Award from Strategic Healthcare Programs. This is the second year in a row the staff has earned the award.