TwinLakes-inlineHILLSBORO, Ind.—This summer Twin Lakes Camp endeavored to empower children and teenagers through daily missions-focused chapels, focusing on the camp’s partnership with Col. John Murdoch, director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Ministries.

Every Thursday, Twin Lakes Director Jon Beight talked campers through video interviews with Chaplain Murdoch, discussing chaplaincy. Beight had made the videos when Murdoch visited the camp last winter. Campers then wrote service members personal notes of encouragement and thanks for their service.

On July 24 Murdoch spoke at the camp’s last missions chapel, and two campers presented to him a box filled with nearly 1,200 cards that the campers had written this summer. Those two campers were a boy whose brother is serving overseas in the military, and a girl whose father is a police officer in Indiana.

Chaplains will give the cards to service members who are deployed to the combat zone as well as those who are stationed here in the USA. They will also be sent to service members around the world who may be deployed but not in the areas of combat.

Murdoch had specially designed the cards to fit in the pockets of service members’ uniforms. They give chaplains a way to open doors into service members’ lives, whether they are on the field, in a hospital, or in training. This meets Murdoch’s goal of “intersecting lives with Truth at points of greatest need” and Twin Lakes’ goal of “doing” by equipping students with the opportunity and ability to minister to service members.