Chaplains_inlineIn a moving display of profound appreciation, Regular Baptist chaplains and the GARBC Council of Eighteen paid tribute to John Murdoch, outgoing director of the Regular Baptist Chaplaincy, and his wife, Hope. The tribute consisted of a video montage containing words of appreciation from current and retired chaplains, a meticulously collected photo memory book, a commemorative plaque, and a cash gift contributed by the chaplains. Stan Lightfoot, chairman of the council’s chaplaincy committee, presented a resolution of appreciation for John and Hope to the voting members. The resolution passed unanimously.

“John and Hope, this expression today comes from all of us,” said National Representative John Greening. “It is just a small way of telling you how much we respect you and how grateful we are for your leadership. The opportunity to serve with you for all these years has been a delight.” Greening then introduced Manning Brown to the conference attendees as John Murdoch’s successor. “After the deliberate and extended, thoughtful, 18-month period of consideration—and having some very exceptional prospects to consider on our short list—we believe it was God’s direction to appoint Manning Brown as the new director of our chaplaincy ministries.” After a long and distinguished career in the United States Air Force, Manning Brown came on staff at the GARBC Resource Center in 2013 as director of marketing and communications. He counts the new appointment to the chaplaincy ministry a supreme privilege and honor.

Finally, John Murdoch addressed the association. “I’ve been in your homes, I’ve been in your churches, and you’ve been in our hearts,” he said. “You’ve allowed us the privilege of leading the most godly men in the military—our chaplains. For that we will eternally be thankful. Remember, there are winds of adversity blowing across this land, and we have the privilege to stand for God.” A fitting swansong to an exemplary ministry.

Read more about John and Hope Murdoch, Manning and Jennifer Brown, and the chaplaincy directorate transition in the July/August 2015 issue of the Baptist Bulletin.