In his workshop, “A Ministry of Presence,” Director of Regular Baptist Chaplaincy Manning Brown spoke on the importance of chaplaincy ministries. Brown gave a brief history of how the chaplaincy has been an integral part of militaries and communities since Old Testament times. Then he issued a call to all church leaders and members to begin thinking through how they can support chaplains and perhaps become chaplains themselves.

“Chaplains have entrée in our increasingly secularized society that at times can be closed to pastors,” Brown said. He stressed that Christians have an incredible opportunity to meet people at their time of need through the chaplaincy ministry, whether in the military, the corporate world, hospitals, jails, or prisons; on sports teams; or as first responders or members of legislative bodies. The potential for chaplains is virtually limitless.

All those in attendance were taken step-by-step through the process of becoming a chaplain in three areas of service (military, institutional, and community service). Brown also offered critical advice for those considering a chaplaincy ministry, and gave helpful tips on how to encourage and pray for the nearly 90 GARBC chaplains and their families who are serving God around the world.