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  • Second Retirement for Ch Tom Phelan

    Chaplain Tom Phelan Sr. retired in July from the Kansas Department of Corrections after 20 years of service as a clinical chaplain.  Tom received the Lord Jesus as Savior and was baptized by Pastor George Whitman of Latham (New York) Bible Baptist Church in 1972, and spent 10 years in Bible college and university study, completing a PhD from Bob Jones ...more

  • Bringing God to Boot Camp

    Ten mile march with full gear? No problem. Night infiltration course? Bring it on. Scaling a 34-foot obstacle? Watch how I do it. You can do it too. Chaplain Dustin Rodriguez, a basic training brigade chaplain at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., says his favorite place to be is in the field with the troops. Having served two deployments in Afghanistan, he is well ...more

  • Chaplain Worrell Earns His Jump Wings

    Congratulations to Chaplain Mark Worrell on his graduation from the U.S. Army Airborne School in Fort Benning, Ga.  Mark said, “That big step was up 6 inches and out 36 inches to step out of an airplane in flight. Our mantra of ‘I want to glorify God more than I want to breathe’ took on a lot more meaning. "After a ...more

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