Intersecting Lives with Truth at Points of Greatest Need

Why should I become a chaplain?

In a society where people are increasingly suspect of religious personnel and are reluctant to enter a church, chaplaincy ministries offer unique opportunities to share Christ with people when those people are most aware of their spiritual needs. Chaplaincy is an extension of the local church, reaching into health care facilities, corporations, prisons, public safety agencies, and athletic teams. Very few other ministries provide pastors such a natural and challenging exposure to people in their communities who need to hear the gospel.

BaseballWhere can I serve as a chaplain?
Community service chaplaincy is a means of compassionate outreach for pastors and church members with a compelling burden to impact their community in a volunteer capacity. Pastors can help with special ministry services in emergencies by building relationships as a chaplain with their local first-responder departments. They share the love of Christ in one-on-one interaction, counseling, and emotional support in times of crisis for the staff of the agencies and the people of the community surrounding their church.

Volunteer chaplains are needed for:

  • Police departments
  • Fire departments
  • Emergency services departments
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Jails
  • Athletic teams (all ages)

How do I become a chaplain?
An endorsement is required by an increasing number of civilian agencies as a step toward achieving higher levels of professional certification. Endorsement is a professional credential that affirms to an agency that a chaplain has met the basic requirements of the GARBC to provide ministry in a specialized setting. It represents a level of mutual accountability and support between the chaplain and the GARBC and a standard of excellence to the using agency.

Endorsement Requirements

  • You must be a born-again, active member of a church in fellowship with the GARBC.
  • You must be in full agreement with the doctrinal statement of the GARBC.
  • You must submit an application, along with a copy of your ordination certificate, to the Chaplaincy Commission.

Pam-Russell_SmallEndorsement for Laypeople
Some institutional and community service chaplaincy ministries do not require ordination. Laymen and laywomen who evidence a growing understanding of Scripture and an ability to minister to the people within the particular institution are encouraged to work with their pastor to seek GARBC endorsement. All endorsement requirements listed above must be met with one exception: In lieu of ordination, applicants should request a commissioning service by their church and a letter from their pastor affirming their demonstrated fitness for this particular chaplaincy position. This process will need to be repeated if the applicant moves to a different church.

Community Service Chaplaincy Application
This application packet is for ordained men who feel led of the Lord to reach into their neighborhood through a volunteer ministry with police, fire or emergency service departments, athletics, or other community organizations that require endorsement. Upon completion of the application packet the materials can be returned electronically or via the United States Postal Service. All contact information is listed on the application.