Chaplain Hill Leads Prayer for Michigan State Trooper Graduation

A Thanksgiving and Christmas Memory

An Evening with the Second Family

Ministering to Those in Prison

Chaplain Ministers in the ‘Eye of the Storm’


  • The Birth of Jesus - Luke 2:4–7 (Advent Day 13)

    The Birth of Jesus - Luke 2:4–7 (Advent Day 13)

    It was time: the birth of the King. He was all-divine, yet He entered the world as a man. The One Who would one day be wrapped in the glory of God was for now nurtured by his earthly mother and wrapped in swaddling cloths for warmth. The beautiful expression of God’s love is demonstrated ...more

  • Travel to Bethlehem - Luke 2:4–5 (Advent Day 12)

    Travel to Bethlehem - Luke 2:4–5 (Advent Day 12)

    As good citizens, Joseph and Mary registered as ordered. While the inevitability of death and taxes is a familiar adage, how ironic that the census intended as a means to collect taxes would include Mary, who carried in her womb Christ, the One Who would defeat death. Pray for fellow believers, as part of our ...more

Latest Ministry Happenings

  • Calm in the Crisis

    Calm in the Crisis

    When the phone rings at 2:45 a.m., you know it’s something momentous. When you’re chaplain of your local police department, you know it’s bad ...more

Community Service

  • Almond Tree Goes to Ukraine

    In the Ukraine, many older orphans become lost to crime, sex trades, or suicide. But there is hope, says Last Bell Ministries—hope in Christ Jesus. Last ...more

  • Life and Hope for Addicts

    Thirty-six people from New York, Indiana, Illinois, and Canada gathered at Bible Baptist Church, Kokomo, Ind., for the annual Almond Tree Ministry training weekend on ...more