Chaplain Hill Leads Prayer for Michigan State Trooper Graduation

A Thanksgiving and Christmas Memory

An Evening with the Second Family

Ministering to Those in Prison

Chaplain Ministers in the ‘Eye of the Storm’


Latest Ministry Happenings

  • Almond Tree Goes to Ukraine

    In the Ukraine, many older orphans become lost to crime, sex trades, or suicide. But there is hope, says Last Bell Ministries—hope in Christ Jesus. Last Bell Ministries is a Christian ministry offering family care for orphans in transition in Zhyrtomyr, Ukraine. It invited Pam Russell to come to the Ukraine to teach an Almond Tree Ministry seminar, a drug and ...more

  • Army Chaplain Craig Wiley Retires

    Chaplain (Col.) Craig Wiley has retired from the U.S. Army after nearly 43 years of service. In 1969, with the United States in the midst of violent anti-war protests, 19-year-old Craig Wiley voluntarily enlisted in the U.S. Army. “I joined the Army for patriotic reasons,” he says. “I believed the Army would shape me into a better person.” Wiley selected the Military ...more

  • Chaplain James Odell, USAR, Retires

    Col. James Odell, a chaplain with the United States Army Reserves, has retired after nearly 29 years of service. A retirement ceremony was held on Feb. 11. Odell, whose father was a pastor, says he has been in ministry ever since he was old enough to empty a trash can. He received Christ as his Savior as a preschooler and dedicated ...more

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