Chaplain Hill Leads Prayer for Michigan State Trooper Graduation

A Thanksgiving and Christmas Memory

An Evening with the Second Family

Ministering to Those in Prison

Chaplain Ministers in the ‘Eye of the Storm’


  • Escape to Egypt - Matthew 2:13 (Advent Day 21)

    Escape to Egypt - Matthew 2:13 (Advent Day 21)

    The angel brought different news to Joseph: he must take his family and flee. Herod, threatened and angered by the Child King, would stop at nothing. His attempt to exploit the Magi had failed and his reaction was deadly. Throughout history, believers have died for their faith because of the ignorance and fear of others. ...more

  • Visit of the Magi - Matthew 2:1–12 (Advent Day 20)

    Visit of the Magi - Matthew 2:1–12 (Advent Day 20)

    Led by divine direction, the three Magi of the East followed the star to the side of Jesus. When the Magi saw Him, they worshiped God. How different their reaction than that of King Herod. The world reflects the same reactions today. Some hear and respond in worship, and others respond in anger because they ...more

Latest Ministry Happenings

  • Ministering to Those in Prison

    Ministering to Those in Prison

    The River Church wrapped up its prison ministry for the season in late September after reaching more than 40,000 inmates in a total of 21 prisons in Ohio and Michigan. ...more

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  • Veterans' Day Resources

    Veterans’ Day , a great time to reach out to your community and honor local heroes, is November 11. Here are great resources for planning a special patriotic service or event. 1. Tract: “A Soldier’s Journey of Faith,” The story of Major General David H. Hicks, the current Army Chief of Chaplains. Produced by Good News Publishers, 1300 Crescent St., Wheaton, ...more